7th ISKO-Spain Conference7th ISKO-Spain Conference

 Departament de Biblioteconomia i Documentació de la Universitat de Barcelona

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Theoretical base of knowledge organization

What it contributes to understanding the context of human perception; linguistic, social and cultural bases; and structures for representing knowledge.

Design centred on the user of knowledge organization systems

Management of content in different systems; usability, personalization, interoperability and multilingualism; design models based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing; its evaluation.

Users and use of knowledge organization systems

Search behaviour and the social use of Internet; training and competence in information handling; accessibility and the digital divide between different sectors of society; detecting needs for accessing web-based contents and electronic training for the disabled.

Applications of knowledge organization systems

The market for knowledge organization systems; content classification systems (categories and taxonomies of web sites); intermediaries, disintermediation and re-intermediation; ethical aspects.

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Departament de Biblioteconomia i DocumentacióISKO

7th ISKO-Spain Conference
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Departament de Biblioteconomia i Documentació de la Universitat de Barcelona
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